Hainan Boao Airport through the acceptance: can take off and landing Airbus Boeing aircraft

Civil Aviation Central and South China Authority in Hainan Boao organized the same day in Hainan Qionghai Boao airport industry acceptance
Hainan Boao Airport successfully passed the acceptance. Xinhua News Agency Haikou March 8, the Civil Aviation Administration of Central South China in Boao organized a Hainan Ouhai Boao airport industry acceptance, the meeting announced the acceptance of Boao Airport. At the meeting, the industry acceptance committee listened to the work report of construction, design, construction, supervision unit and civil aviation professional engineering quality supervision unit. After discussion and study, the industry acceptance committee reached a consensus, Boao airport instrument landing system and other facilities and equipment construction in good condition, basically in line with the civil aviation industry acceptance requirements, in principle, agreed to the airport through the industry acceptance, and asked the Boao Airport according to the inspection team Rectification of the rectification. Boao Airport Construction Headquarters General Commander Hu Wentai said Boao Airport will be based on the views of the inspection team to immediately develop a detailed plan and strictly implement the rectification work, follow-up by the Civil Aviation Hainan Regulatory Authority to review and timely inspection of the Central and South Regional Authority. Civil Aviation Central South China Authority Yang Yangguo, deputy director of the Board said that Boao Airport to strictly implement the rectification work for the follow-up airport to lay a solid foundation for the operation, while doing a good job in person, approval and other pre-sailing preparations, always firmly on the security Airport run first. Boao Airport is located in Qionghai City, the town of the town on the west side, 12 km away from Qionghai City, from the Boao International Convention Center 15 km. Airport land area of ​​about 2732 acres, a total investment of about 1.13 billion yuan. Boao Airport started construction in March 2015, completed in January 2016, with less than 10 months. At present, Boao Airport has a 2600 meters long, 45 meters wide runway, two vertical contact road, 25 seats, 85,000 square meters station Ping, 9900 square meters terminal. Flight area level 4C, can take off and landing Airbus A320, Boeing B737 aircraft, supporting the construction of communications, navigation, weather, power supply, water supply, oil, fire rescue, sewage treatment and other auxiliary production facilities. Boao Airport is the Boao Forum for Asia key supporting projects, approved by the National Development and Reform Commission project construction. It is understood that the Boao airport maiden voyage will be held on March 16 at Qionghai Boao Airport.

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