Hainan motor car was "Kong Ming Deng" forced to stop

D7311 EMU resumed operation at 12:44 yesterday afternoon
(Reporter Zhang Chen) reporter learned from the Guangdong Railway, yesterday 11:23, Hainan Donghuan high-speed rail EMU D7311 run to the Lingshui - Yalong Bay between the downstream K244 +894m, the driver found that contact with the Internet Kong Ming Deng, so take emergency stop measures. Subsequently, the railway department of the technical staff to the scene to deal with emergency, contact the hole on the screen was removed, D7311 EMU yesterday at 12:44 pm to resume operation. This is the Hainan East Central high-speed rail EMU in a month for the second encounter "Kong Ming Deng" forced to stop the incident. This month on the 9th coincides with the Hainan region in the Yuan Festival, the eastern part of Hainan residents have the habit of "Kong Ming Deng". 21:31 the same day, Hainan East Central high-speed rail power supply voltage instability, resulting in D7354 times, D7353 times and other 6 train trips can not run, temporarily stopped in the run range.

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